The Butcher Shop

Whole and Half Hogs

Straight from our local farmer, Chad.
We butcher it.
We package it.
You eat it!

Fresh Cuts from the Butcher's Case

Pork Steak  8/lb
Pork Chop   9/lb
Ribeye  20/lb
Petit Tender  13/lb
New York  22/lb
Ham  8/lb
Pulled Pork  8/lb
Spare Ribs  6/lb
Bacon  9/lb
Peppered Bacon  9/lb
Blockwurst  9/lb
Garlic Sausage  9/lb
Spicy Sausage  9/lb
Smoked Sausage  9/lb
Breakfast Sausage  9/lb

The Block Originals

Bacon Jam  (4 oz.) $6
Bacon Candy  $3
The Block Original Spices  (Original, BBQ, Pickling, Steak, Spicy, Garlic & Herb) $6
The Block Original Sauce  (8 oz.) $6